'Avengers' Photos Highlight Hawkeye And Black Widow, Nick Fury's Scars


You know what I would really love to see right now? A big ol' new "Avengers" trailer; just filled to the brim with interesting little details and possible hints to the film's plot. I say that not only as a fan, just as excited as anyone to see the movie in May, but also as a writer. So far, almost everything divulged about the film has come from stills, brief interviews, and the occasional rumor – give me something juicy to write about!

Well, it looks like today's no exception to that rule. Marvel has released some official photos, and try as I might, flipping through them really fast doesn't create a video.

Samuel L. Jackson is looking great as Nick Fury in these shots. The guy exudes toughness, and while every member of the ensemble cast is just as likely to turn in a wonderful performance, I have to admit that Jackson's portrayal has me excited the most. My only hope is that audiences grow so fond of Fury, it warrants Marvel giving him his own origin film based on this amazing "What if?" entry.


Come on, Samuel L. Jackson fighting World War II in space. Dum-Dum Dugan wears a bowler hat inside his space helmet, which is akin to wearing sunglasses under a scuba mask. This could be the greatest film ever made in this or any other universe.

"The Avengers" comes to a theater near you on May 4. Hopefully, there's a new trailer to talk about before May 3.

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