New 'Avengers' Merchandise, Motion Poster Hits


There's no such thing as too much merch, especially when we're talking about comic books.

For the upcoming "Avengers," eFX is set to reveal its list of limited-edition Marvel collectibles to be released in early 2012: a replica Captain America shield, a full-scale Iron Man Mark V mask, Captain America and Thor's mask, and Thor's hammer. They'll be displayed at WonderCon from March 16 to March 18, after which I presume details can be worked out for all of your money.

Prices will start at $49 and go up to $1500, which is quite the range for a bunch of fake helmets. I take it that means the nicest ones will fit your head and bless you with character-appropriate attributes -- a righteous sense of patriotism for the Captain America, weather readings for the Iron Man, and streaming blonde locks for the Thor. The highest price could be reserved for Cap's shield, which looks impressively life-sized, not like the little plastic things your little cousin is okay with. No, sir, if I'm going to spend money on a Captain America shield it is going to be real. So shiny and big I could eat my TV dinner off it, if I so choose.

In other news, Marvel also released a 3D motion poster for "The Avengers," which you can stare at for hours if you're of a small mind and a low workload. It's early, it's a Friday, why not? Watch the shield go side to side, like your mind. You're ready for the day.

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