'Walking Dead' Midseason Teaser Leaves The Farm

With only a little over two weeks left until "The Walking Dead" returns from its midseason hiatus, AMC has released a teaser in anticipation of the show's big return. Our first observation? The gang is finally leaving Hershel's farm. Finally.

Based on all the gun shots and new set pieces in the 30-second teaser, it seems as though Rick, Shane, Lori and the rest of the survivors will finally come to terms with the fact that the farm was not the salvation they'd hoped it would be. Their struggle to keep hope alive seems like it will be at the center of the rest of season two, though Rick seems to summarize it best when he says that "we all know this is not going to end well." Hopefully it will end with as big a bang as the first season finale.

When MTV News caught up with series executive producer Glen Mazzara recently, he promised that the second half of season two would be an action-packed payoff for the slow burn of the episodes so far.

"If there’s a zombie attack in every other scene the show would play as a video game and people would not really respond to it. I think in our midseason finale, we were building to that climax to where Sophia comes out of the barn, remember that was a twist on already a big scene," Mazzara explained. "That was by design and the entire season has been designed to have huge payoffs, smaller character moments and I think that there’s a lot of things in the show that satisfies many people in the audience. At the end of the run all fans will be happy with this show. It’s just packed, particularly in the second half of the season."

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