'Dredd' Actress Olivia Thirlby Researched Character With Comic Books

While there are plenty of people out there who are more than happy to repeatedly watch Stallone's 1995 "Judge Dredd" film adaptation, I don't count myself among them. Sure, it's good for a campy laugh, but the movie veers too far from its 2000 AD namesake for me to really enjoy it. Now that Hollywood is taking a second crack at the franchise with "Dredd," there's some hope we'll see a better representation of the series.

MTV News caught up with Olivia Thirlby, who portrays Cassandra Anderson in the film, during the Sundance Film Festival. Apparently, she spent some time digging into the comic books before tackling the role.

"The script was really, really good," said Thirlby. "But I was playing a character that existed in the comics, and actually had her own spin-off, 'Judge Anderson'...I looked at the comics a lot. She was drawn by a bunch of different people, as well as written by a bunch of different people. So, there's lots of different Andersons."

Thirlby makes a good point here. As is common with plenty of comic book series' – or any other franchise, for that matter – characters and their related stories are not always helmed by the same group of creators. As the voice of direction behind a comic changes, so too can the voice of its cast. For her part, Thirlby chose to use those different comic book Andersons, coupled with the script, to present the character in a way she could "relate to her."

The film apparently wrapped shooting over a year ago, and as Thirlby notes, "It's taking a long time." We'll still have to wait a bit longer, as "Dredd" is due in theaters this September.

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