'Walking Dead' Opening Sequence Going Through 'Growing Pains'


Man, things really are going to be different in season 2.5 of "The Walking Dead." I mean, sure, there were bound to be some changes after the departure of Frank Darabont, but who could have guessed such a gritty, suspenseful show would turn into a "Growing Pains" spin-off? Actually, this might be scarier than the regular show.

Alright, so maybe I'm fibbing a little bit. But someone over at MovieWeb really did post this mashup of "Walking Dead" and the opening music from "Growing Pains." Watch it, it's amazing.

Kind of impressive what cheesy '80s music can do for the mood of just about any image. A bloated, split-at-the-stomach well zombie was rather horrifying when the scene played out during the first half of season two, but now he's just like a wacky sitcom neighbor. "Hey, Mr. Seaver. Could I borrow some duct tape? I fell down that dang well again," he would say. "Oh, well-zombie, will you ever learn?" And scene.

So, we've identified the stereotypical '80s sitcom neighbor, but there's still all these Seavers that need converted into 'Walking Dead" characters. I guess Rick Grimes is Dr. Seaver? Of course, that makes Lori the new Maggie Seaver. If they name their newborn baby Chrissy, the circle is complete.

I've already put way too much thought into this. Let's just scrap the whole thing and start "The Walking Dead" over as an "Alf" spin-off.

What did you think of this "Walking Dead" mashup? What other sitcom opening would you like to see zombified? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!