'Avengers' Hawkeye, Hulk And Unnamed 'Enemy' Toys Announced


We're guessing you'll want this "Avengers" Hawkeye toy, just announced by Marvel Select for preorder. Jeremy Renner's an impressive actor and worthy of adoration, but no one's made it until they've gotten a 7-inch figurine crafted in their appearance. For just $20 (plus tax), you can pay to plop him on top of your computer desk for all of your co-workers to admire.

Great things about the toy, in order.

1. The perfectly sculpted hair-do.

2. Renner's perturbed grimace, true to life.

3. The impressive detailing on the muscles, which makes us feel like the slobs we are.

4. That neat little wrist-glove on his left hand that doesn't cover up the thumb, for some reason.

5. The three thigh straps, because hey, more straps.

6. The sleek bow that suggests "strong enough for a woman, but made for a man."

7. 16 points of articulation. So much articulation!

Marvel Select also announced two more figures: a giant-sized Hulk, and an unnamed "enemy" from the movie that we apparently don't know about. How mysterious! Don't you just want to buy it right now and find out?

My guess is the Red Skull, considering he "disappeared" at the end of "Captain America: The First Avenger," which we all know is code for "will eventually show up and raise hell." It could also be one of the long-rumored Skrulls set to attack the Earth during the movie, or something way out of left field like Ultron or Spider-Man or Stan Lee. A Stan Lee action figure with 16 points of articulation? Boy howdy, we wish!

Thanks to Superhero Hype for the heads up.

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