New 'Avengers' And 'Dark Knight Rises' Toys Look Pretty Cool


Do you have kids? Do you consider yourself to be a child at heart, like Tom Hanks in "Big"? Hell, do you just like spending money in general?

After seeing these photos of "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Avengers" toy merchandise, you'll want to gear up for the mid-year consumer rush. Via Idle Hands, ComingSoon has posted ads from DC Direct's upcoming catalogue, showing new tie-in merch for "Dark Knight Rises."

Not to be outdone, SuperHeroHype has posted photos of toy vehicles from "The Avengers."

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The "Dark Knight Rises" merch is pretty spiffy—there's some nice posed statues and busts of Batman, Catwoman and Bane, so you can put them on your desk or shelf and feel important. For the kids, there's are also some 6'' figures that may or may not be poseable, but at that size, they must be. Points of articulation are so essential when you're an eight-year old with nothing to do. The toys are set to come out in June, just in time for the movie.

Dark Knight Rises Toys

The "Avengers" stuff isn't too bad, either. There's a S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, which comes with a Captain America figure. Most importantly, it's three feet long. If you remember being a kid, you know that bigger = better. (Parents, take note: this will make your child love you forever and promise not to put you in a nursing home when you get older.)

There's also an Avengers Quinjet and something called a "Stark Tek Battle Vehicle," both of which come with an Iron Man figure. Ornate vehicles are half the battle with made-up adventures, and these should do nicely for kids stuck at home on a rainy day. A release date isn't listed but it'll probably be out in time for the movie, which comes out on May 4.

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