Liam Neeson Confirms Visit To 'The Dark Knight Rises' Set

There's plenty of mystery surrounding the upcoming superhero flick, "The Dark Knight Rises." If we were to take Christopher Nolan's word as law, then we'd believe the movie is only about Tom Hardy's Bane causing trouble for Christian Bale's Batman with Anne Hathaway's Catwoman wreaking some havoc on the side.

Fortunately, we're of the belief that there are going to be some awesome surprises in "The Dark Knight Rises." One of which will (hopefully) be the return of Liam Neeson as "Batman Begins" villain Ra's al Ghul.

The appearance has long been rumored, but for the first time Neeson has commented on it and confirmed that he actually was on "The Dark Knight Rises" set for long enough to shoot a scene.

"I can tell you nothing about 'Dark Knight Rises,' seriously," Neeson told ShowbizSpy. "I was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn’t tell me anything of what it's about. So, I'm being very honest when I say I have no idea what's going to happen."

So, did he or didn't he shoot a scene? We'll just have to wait until July 20 to find out. But it would make sense that Neeson is a part of the movie considering Nolan used some of al Ghul's dialogue from "Batman Begins" for a voice over in "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer.

When MTV News caught up with Neeson while he was promoting "The Grey," he similarly hedged around the rumor of his involvement in the movie. "I'm eager to see this one," he said. "I haven't a f---ing clue what it's about."

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