New 'Man Of Steel' Photo Is For The Kids

Superman Banner

In this newly released photo of Henry Cavill's Superman, we're looking at a kinder Man of Steel: no filters, no gruff look, no bullet casings. Instead, it's Big Blue in humble mode, smiling for a posed photo with a fan on the "Man of Steel" set.

He looks like you could take him home to Mom, which is what we want from Superman: a family friendly, "aw shucks" icon protecting truth, justice and the American Way. You should feel a little safe with him, and it's a nice side that we haven't really seen before in the other stylized press photos.

Check out the photo after the jump!

More importantly: is the kid really a "little fan," as the @DCUMoviePage Twitter account suggests? We all know where a child was last seen in the Superman movieverse: Lois Lane's son in "Superman Returns," revealed to be Clark Kent's half-Kryptonian lil' guy and boasting his own set of powers. No one's expecting this story to be revisited in "Man of Steel," because this is a soft reboot and frankly, that whole plot was kind of silly.


But what if Zack Snyder's been lying all along, and he's planning on killing off Superman and passing the torch to his kid, who we're looking at in this photo? Think about it. Don't say anyone didn't tell you when it inevitably comes to pass. (Ed. Note: This will probably not come to pass.)

"Man of Steel" comes out on June 14, 2013.

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