'Avengers' Rumor Adds Iconic Hero, Sounds Like A Terrible Idea


Earlier today, we showed you the new cover of Empire magazine, adorned with the faces of the "Avengers" cast. Well, not the entire cast – there's a few faces missing. Of course, those are characters that we're aware of, like Hulk. But what if Joss Whedon and his team were actually planning a big surprise cameo for their superhero ensemble?

There's a rumor circulating about, and if true, it's kind of a big deal. I'll give you the obligatory "spoiler" warning here, but only as a precursor to explaining what sounds like a load of bologna. Either that, or a potentially bad idea.

Jenny Gutter, probably best known for her portrayal as Jessica in "Logan's Run," is playing the role of "female council member" in "Avengers." Yeah, so maybe her character doesn't have a name, per say, but according to an interview with RadioTimes (via Ain't It Cool), Gutter claims Spider-Man's trailer was sat next to Iron-Man's on the set. Yes, she supposedly said Spider-Man plays a part in "Avengers."

Now, beyond the fact that this entire thing could be a mix-up – Gutter is older than my mom, who thinks Spider-Man is an exterminator – none of this makes a whole lot of sense. While I'm far from any position to declare the rumor patently false, I have to hope Whedon is too smart for some goofy cash-in cameo like this.

Sure, Spider-Man has been a member of The Avengers. We all get that. But keep in mind "Avengers" hits theaters this May; "Amazing Spider-Man" is due two months later. While films like "Captain America," "Thor," "Iron Man 2," and "Incredible Hulk" created a lead-in to the eventual Avengers flick and did so chronologically, "Amazing Spider-Man" releases two months later and features an origin story. Want to know a way to really confuse the mainstream, movie-going public? Place an iconic character in a major release, well into his own canon, then turn around and ask the same audience to watch said character rebooted two months later. Oh, also, he's back to being a teenager now. Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Obviously, another possibility sees Spider-Man making a brief cameo. Entirely plausible, but made unlikely due to each film's distributor. "Avengers" is a Disney-owned film, while Columbia Pictures (Sony) is behind "Amazing Spider-Man." Take what I said above, add brand competition, and realize this is likely just a rumor.

As much as I would love to see Spider-Man in two films this summer, and theoretically how Whedon might approach him, it just seems like a bad idea for any number of reasons.

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