'Dark Knight Rises' Bane Action Figure Announced


Bane isn't much of a talker. Or, more accurately, he is a talker, you just can't understand a single word he says. That's fine, though — he's a menacing figure to look at regardless, and you'll have more than enough opportunities to gawk at his back-breaking glory when "The Dark Knight Rises" travels to theaters this summer.

But if Christopher Nolan's final trip to Gotham City doesn't bring you the precise amount of Bane riches you fell you're owed, never fret: with enough time, patience and funding, you'll have the chance to own the masked vigilante yourself before too long… in action figure form, at the very least.

Toy News International has received word from Hot Toys that a Bane action figure is most assuredly on the way. Specific details about the figure are virtually nonexistent beyond a teaser photo and the promise that the "Bane Collectible Figure will be launched in coming months before movie launches."

But there's also a product description that teases a bit about Bane's role in the "Dark Knight Rises" story: "The Legend Ends. The terrorist leader Bane will arrive in Gotham City, pushing it and the police force to their limits, forcing Batman to resurface after taking the fall for The Joker's crimes."

Even without any additional details, the very announcement of a Bane figure from Hot Toys is more than enough to register on our geek radar. A sure-to-be badass character (if not an entirely articulate one) produced by the expert craftsmanship of Hot Toys? Yeah, we'll certainly rise for that fire.

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