'Walking Dead' Actor Reuniting With Frank Darabont For 'L.A. Noir' Pilot?

Walking Dead

Well, this feels like it should come with a spoiler alert, though admittedly, it's all conjecture for now. But proceed with caution, "Walking Dead" fans…

…because according to a new report, actor Jon Bernthal is in the running for a major reunion with Frank Darabont, a move that's potentially very telling about his continued days with the "Dead."

Variety reports that Bernthal is in early conversations to star in "L.A. Noir," the upcoming TNT crime thriller created by Frank Darabont. "Noir" centers on corruption in the LAPD and the department's relationship to the criminal underworld in the 1940s and '50s. If cast, Bernthal would play Joe Teague, the Los Angeles cop at the center of the series.

Conversations are said to be very tentative at this point — "there's no certainty a deal will come together," reports Variety — but the fact that Bernthal is even up for another drama pilot doesn't look good for his survival odds on "The Walking Dead." Those who've read the comic books know that (SPOILER ALERT) Shane does not survive past the sixth issue of the series. The fact that he's even alive this late into season two is nothing short of a major departure from the "Walking Dead" source material, paving the way for some of the show's most interesting bits.

But has Shane's luck finally run out? Does Bernthal's possible-casting in "Noir" portend doom for this polarizing character? We'll find out when "Walking Dead" season two resumes in just a few short weeks. The second half of the season kicks off on February 12.

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