'Walking Dead' Creator Robert Kirkman Talks 'Huge Payoff' In Second Half Of Season

Over the course of a season and a half of "The Walking Dead," we've noticed that the fans of the show and its source material tend to fall into two very distinct categories. One group is all about the zombie action, seeking them out and killing them.

The other group is more interested in the interpersonal and emotional dramas that unfold among the various characters. As such, the reactions to this second season have been slightly mixed, with some fans wanting more action, less drama and vice versa.

When MTV News caught up with "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman and executive producer Glen Mazzara, we asked them how much thought goes into satisfying the different groups of fans.

"That's something I've been dealing with the comic series for a number of years," Kirkman said. "It’s definitely a push and a pull and an ebb and a flow. The way I’ve always told stories in the comic is, you have your quiet moments that make your big moments that much more impactful. It’s an old storytelling trick, and it’s something I’ve been doing for almost a decade in the books."

Kirkman explained that the specific dichotomy in the fanbase. "As far as the show goes, there are these two distinct audiences. There is the audience that loves watching zombies get their heads split open and there is an audience that just loves watching people kiss and deal with this horrific world they’re living in," Kirkman said. "It’s a fun game to watch them bounce back and forth between being really happy and unhappy."

And pleasing both types of fans entirely is not an easy thing for Kirkman. "It’s kind of a strange thing that we have two different audiences watching this show, but we’re never going to make them happy at the same time," he said. "At the end of the day, we’re trying to do a cool show that they all seem to dig, so we've just got to keep doing what we do."

Mazzara added that he thinks that the show has a lot of suspense, part of which is the fun in waiting for something to happen.

"If there’s a zombie attack in every other scene the show would play as a video game and people would not really respond to it. I think in our midseason finale, we were building to that climax to where Sophia comes out of the barn, remember that was a twist on already a big scene," Mazzara explained. "That was by design and the entire season has been designed to have huge payoffs, smaller character moments and I think that there’s a lot of things in the show that satisfies many people in the audience. At the end of the run all fans will be happy with this show. It’s just packed, particularly in the second half of the season."

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