Joe Carnahan Teases 'Nemesis' Role For Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is busy fighting wolves, but could supervillains be in his future? That might be the case if Joe Carnahan has his way!

Carnahan, the director of Neeson's new movie, "The Grey," has been loosely attached to an adaptation of "Nemesis," the Mark Millar-written comic book about a diabolical supervillain who goes on a cop-killing spree. In Carnahan's eyes, the titular nemesis (illustrated by Steve McNiven) resembles Neeson, and if the project moves further, it could be a natural fit.

"Mark and I had a discussion, because Tony Scott was going to direct it, and I don’t know if he’s still interested, but it was always a project that I was interested in doing," Carnahan told MTV News at a recent "Grey" press junket. "And Liam doesn’t know it, but there’s the Blake Morrow character, if you see him in the comic, it looks like Liam. And I don’t know if they drew that intentionally or whatever but..."

"Is there a little part?" Neeson, who was present during the interview, shot back.

Obviously, it's not that easy, but Neeson's been attracted to the struggle between good and evil before. "But I think what Liam would be interested in is, essentially that the story is the anti-Batman," Carnahan said. "It’s a billionaire who’s, instead of being benevolent and kind, is cruel and unusual."

"It’s long in coming but it’s certainly something I’d be interested in adapting," Carnahan added, indicating that any official "Nemesis" news is likely still a ways away. "You know, it’s a giant tentpole movie, which I know you don't like to do."

Wishful thinking or plans in action? We'll have to wait to find out, but if you're hot to trot on the idea, Tweet your support at Joe Carnahan. He's at @carnojoe -- Tweet a thousand times, do it now!

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