New 'Men In Black 3' Photos Land On Earth

We know what to expect from "Men in Black 3," just as we did with "Men in Black 2." Will Smith will say funny things, Tommy Lee Jones will frown at him, and Josh Brolin as Tommy Lee Jones will frown even more. They'll drive some cool cars, shoot some cool guns and fight some cool aliens, maybe scored to the Black Eyed Peas. It will be expected, but it will be awesome.

These new stills from the set of "MIB3" don't seem to disagree with any of that. The first shot shows Smith and Jones in a restaurant, holding guns; the second (beyond the jump) shows them about to erase someone's memory, as they've always done.

But familiarity is supposed to breed love, right? It's somewhat reassuring to know that the Men in Black will always be the Men in Black, even as presidents and Spider-Men change. But not to get too heavy about it.

Watch the trailer for "MIB3," if you haven't already. Otherwise, get stoked for the film's May release.

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