Idris Elba Confirms 'Thor 2' Return, Is An 'Avengers' Cameo On The Way?

After winning a Golden Globe for his starring role on "Luther," Idris Elba is finally getting the official recognition he's deserved ever since his days on "The Wire." It's finally safe to say that keeping busy won't be a problem.

Speaking to MTV News, Elba talked about his upcoming involvement with the Marvel Universe -- in case you forgot, he played the Norse god Heimdall in "Thor." According to him, a return to Asgard will happen with "Thor 2," if not sooner.

"'Thor 2' for sure," he told us. "'Avengers,' we're not sure about, but 'Thor 2' we're going at it again."

Is it possible that Elba has filmed material for Joss Whedon's ensemble blockbuster, but isn't sure whether or not any of the material will be kept in the theatrical release? Conjecture for now, but if he did film something for "Avengers," the director's cut DVD will be something to look out for.

More concrete is his role in "Pacific Rim," the newest movie by Guillermo del Toro and as straighforward of a sci-fi concept as it gets: giant robots fighting giant monsters. It's currently filming in Toronto, and Elba is one of its big stars.

"I'm going back tomorrow morning. I've been there for five months," he said. "I love it. Guillermo's a genius, and the film we're making is a huge film, bad monster movie and robots and me."

In case you can't wait for more Elba, a third series of "Luther" is forthcoming, and he'll also appear in this year's "Prometheus" and "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." You can also go back and rewatch "The Wire," in case you haven't done it once or twice or seventeen times before.

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