'Chronicle' Director Eyed For 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

In a year packed with comic book and superhero movies, "Chronicle" is shaping up to be one of the most eye-catching of them all. Emerging in late 2011 with an incredible trailer seemingly out of nowhere, the found-footage superheroes-gone-bad flick is very much on our radar, and should be on yours… if for no other reason than it might give you a taste at what Fox's planned "Fantastic Four" reboot is going to look like.

Watch the "Chronicle" trailer!

Variety reports that "Chronicle" director Josh Trank has emerged as the front runner to direct the long developing reboot of the "Fantastic Four" franchise, a series that's been in a holding pattern since the critically panned "Rise of the Silver Surfer" hit theaters way back in 2007.

Casting news isn't likely to come until Trank is locked into the director position — assuming he gets locked in at all, of course — and until a new draft of the screenplay, written by "Green Lantern" co-writer Michael Green, gets the green light from Fox.

Trank is a bit of an unknown quantity at this point, with Spike TV's "The Kill Point" the biggest credit on his resume. "Chronicle" is something that could significantly increase the up-and-coming filmmaker's street cred, with a massive franchise along the lines of "Fantastic Four" skyrocketing his star even higher. As Variety says, it's a big vote of confidence on Fox's part, even if it's not something that fans themselves are likely to get too over the moon about just now. After all, we have not seen "Chronicle" ourselves yet, and there's still that bad taste of the past two "FF" movies lingering in our mouths. It's going to take one heck of an effort to delete those memories from the system. Still, if nothing else, Trank's almost-hire has me more curious about "Chronicle" than ever.

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