'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Recut With 'Batman: The Animated Series' Footage

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the papercut that ruins your morning! He is... oh, no, he's not Darkwing Duck. But, hey, close enough.

"Dark Knight Rises" trailer parodies have been all the rage in recent weeks, what with the awesome "Lion King Rises" and equally fun sweded version. (And now with my random "Darkwing Duck" shoutout, the challenge is out to you to make an awesome DWD/DKR remix. Don't let me down, editing wizards!) But a new mash-up that popped up over the weekend could very well be the best of them all.

Watch the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer!

Two of the greatest Batman adaptations of all time — Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy and the "Batman: The Animated Series" from the 1990s — have finally collided in a brand new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer parody. Check it out past the jump!

Any excuse to revisit the '90s Batman series — arguably the greatest adaptation of the Caped Crusader to date, Nolan's movies included — is an excuse we'll gladly take. But it also reminds me of another point I've been meaning to make: how awesome would it be to get a new animated series based in the Nolan-verse? With "Dark Knight Rises" set eight years after "Dark Knight," there's plenty of Nolan-era Batman mythology still out there to explore, and a new cartoon with the same dark sensibilities of this current era of films would certainly get my geek gears moving, if executed properly. Just cast "Year One" voice actor Bryan Cranston as Gordon, someone who can do a killer Heath-Joker voice, team Nolan together with the legendary Bruce Timm as supervisors, and we'd be all set.

It probably won't happen — and shouldn't, if it can't be done right — but hey, we can dream.

Hat tip to Geek Tyrant for the link.

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