'Walking Dead' Season Three Extended To 16 Episodes

Walking Dead

"Walking Dead" has been a modest hit for AMC. And by modest I mean monstrously huge. The show continues to shatter records for the network and cable at large with each passing episode, it seems, and the folks behind the post-apocalyptic zombie series have certainly taken notice.

AMC executives announced over the weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour that "Walking Dead," already renewed for another year on the small screen, is receiving an episode extension for its upcoming third season, presumably debuting in late 2012.

Already upgraded from six episodes in its first season to 13 episodes in its second — six outings still to air this year, no less — "Walking Dead" season three will now boast an expanded 16 episodes. That's a lot of zombie killing action!

For fans of the comic book series, the move makes sense. (Some possible spoilers ahead for those of you who only watch the show.) With three additional episodes, that gives Robert Kirkman and the rest of the "Walking Dead" writing staff plenty of time to send Rick Grimes and his not-so-merry band of survivors to prison, while also leaving enough room for Rick, Glenn and (fingers crossed) Michonne to stumble upon the dreaded community of Woodbury. That's just one man's guess as to where the expanded season three could go, of course, but I certainly hope that's the direction we're looking at. After all, I can't be the only one tired of waiting for the Governor to show up, can I?

"The Walking Dead" resumes its second season on February 12, 2012.

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