Marvel's 'Super Hero Squad Show' Set To Premiere On The Hub Network

Super Hero Squad

Do you prefer your superheroes cuddly and bite-size? Do you cringe at CGI and clutch your eyes at explosions?

If so, "The Super Hero Squad Show" may be for you. The cartoonish take on traditional Marvel heroes in miniature form has been on for a few years, but now "Super Hero Squad" is set to hit The Hub on Monday, January 30. It’ll play every day of the week from there on out, perfect for the younger sibling in all of us.

In a press release, Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television and writer of many comic books you probably like, explained the series. "Marvel Super Heroes have always entertained fans of all ages in our comics, and we're proud to offer an animated series that families can enjoy together," Loeb said.

But as Loeb goes on to explain, what's really special about "Super Hero Squad" is that everyone can enjoy it. "With the most exciting super-powered adventures, The Hub can now offer the greatest fun of all—experiencing Marvel for the very first time. So whether you want to fly with Thor, suit up with Iron Man or smash with Hulk, this series has everything your family wants to see from our heroes."

The key word is "family," which means it’s age-appropriate from 4 to 84 years old. That means you’ll be justified for barking on message boards about how the Silver Surfer isn’t strong enough, or how Thor’s outfit isn’t era-specific relative to the rest of the heroes. You will feel slightly dumb about doing it, and everyone will secretly mock you, but you’ll be justified. 

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