Stan Lee Teases His 'Avengers' Cameo, Upcoming Voice Over Work

Stan LeeSome things in life never change, like the futility of the Buffalo Bills and the deliciousness of the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. Another thing we’ll hopefully never be without: the reliable hamming of Marvel legend Stan Lee.

In his trademark carnival barker bombast, Lee talked about his feelings towards the new Marvel films and a few other things in an interview with

"We have been so lucky, these movies have been so good, the Spider-Man and X-Men and Iron Man, my gosh, it’s been terrific,” he said. "Of course, being a selfish and self-centered kind of guy, the most important things are my cameos. Wait until you see my cameo in 'The Avengers!'"

Asked about what that cameo might entail, he responded: "I can’t tell you a thing, they’d kill me. But it’s going to be great.”

Lee also discussed his voiceovers for an upcoming series of storybook apps that tell the origin stories of heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Hulk. Soon to be available for download through the iTunes store, the storybooks, once again, show off his booming, distinctive voice.

"It’s a great story. It’s for younger readers to introduce them to all the magnificence of Marvel heroes,” he said. "It deals with the Avengers finding Captain America after all these years, and I read the story trying to put as much excitement in my voice as possible.”

Never one to pass on embellishment, he also talked about approximating the Hulk’s gruffer inflection. "You have to when you’re doing the Hulk. You can’t just say ‘Hi, I’m the Hulk,’” he said. "You have to say, ‘HI, I’M THE HULK.’ I’m a cornball anyways, so I enjoy doing things like that.” Beautiful, as always. Watch out for Lee in this summer’s "The Avengers,” and his appearances everywhere else.

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