'Dark Knight Rises' Entertainment Weekly Cover Shows Batman's New Costume

Christian Bale's time as Batman is almost up, but with seven months still to go before he saves Gotham again, we'll have plenty of opportunities to gaze upon his Caped Crusader.

Like today, for instance. Entertainment Weekly has debuted a new look at Bale as Batman on the cover of their latest issue, showing the changes (or lack thereof) made to his costume between "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

Despite nearly a decade having taken place between the two films, it appears as though Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting costume hasn't undergone too many changes since he last battled the Joker. His costume has a slightly more copper hue than the silvers we saw in "The Dark Knight," though that could just be a matter of lighting. So, really, is there anything worth observing?

Well… there might be one thing. Maybe it's just me, but the neck on Batman's "Dark Knight Rises" costume looks thicker than the narrow cowl seen in "The Dark Knight." Could it be another instance of unusual camera trickery, or is there a reason that Batman's sporting what looks to be a built-in neck brace as part of his latest costume? Maybe he's having some problems with his back? Now wouldn't that be a funny coincidence...

Just conjecture for now. Still, while it's a cool look at Bale as the Bat, what I really want to see more of is that crazy light-powered gun he's been wielding in previous stills. Hopefully we'll get more of that soon.

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