'Dark Knight Rises,' 'Spider-Man' Won't Have Super Bowl Ads

Dark Knight Rises

Forget football. We know the real reason you guys all tune into the Super Bowl year in and year out: the commercials. Movie fans can always count on awesome sneak peeks at their most anticipated blockbusters during the most popular sporting event of the year, and in 2012, it'll be no different—except there looks to be an extreme lack of comic book movie teasers to look forward to, unfortunately.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox have opted out of participating in commercial spots at the Super Bowl this year. That means no "Dark Knight Rises," "Amazing Spider-Man" or "Men in Black 3" spots to enjoy alongside your nail-biting football and bowl of nachos this year.

One comic book movie that might see representation, however, is "The Avengers." Disney has purchased ad space for the broadcast, making a Super Bowl appearance by Earth's Mightiest Heroes all the more likely.

Assuming that "Avengers" does get ad time during the Super Bowl, what might we see? Could this be the perfect opportunity to finally pull back the curtain on Loki's alien allies? Might we see Bruce Banner's full-on transformation into the Jade Giant? Or will it just be more of the same, with our favorite heroes snarking and smacking each other around? (Not that we'd complain.)

Lots to consider over the possibility of an "Avengers" spot at the Super Bowl. Still, we're pretty bummed that Batman's sitting this one out, especially considering the football centerpiece of that last "Dark Knight Rises" trailer. On the bright side, it looks like the Super Bowl is safe from Bane's earthquake machine… for now.

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