'X-Men: First Class' Sequel Has 'So Many Interesting Places To Go,' Says Jane Goldman

First Class

It's hard to deny just how successful "X-Men: First Class" was. Not only did it gross nearly $150 million domestically, the film gave the series a well-deserved face lift and rewarded fans with a story and characters true to what they love. It's only natural that fans are begging for more.

But what's unique about "X-Men: First Class" is that it's not just the fans who are desperately asking for a sequel. Both of the movie's leads, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, have spoken openly about wanting to find out where Magneto and Professor X go and having their own ideas for a sequel. Enthusiasm abounds with the team behind the first film, and a second seems likely at this point. But one big question remains. Will Matthew Vaughn return to direct?

Many people, Fassbender and McAvoy included, give a lot of the credit for the first film's success to Vaughn and his frequent collaborator, screenwriter Jane Goldman. Vaughn's involvement most likely won't be decided until Simon Kinberg, the man Fox hired to write the sequel, delivers a script, and Goldman's almost entirely depends on Vaughn, according to the screenwriter herself.

Goldman spoke with MTV News while promoting "The Woman in Black," and she said she understands the strong push for a sequel.

"James and Michael brought so much to them that I think it's entirely natural to be talking about where those characters would go next," she said. "It was inherent in their stories and their arcs. There are so many interesting places to go."

If Goldman does eventually work on the picture, it will most likely be a rewrite of Kinberg's script, but that all depends on what Vaughn decides to do. "In terms of what's going on with that, again from my point of view, it's down to what Matthew [Vaughn] decides to do," she said. "If he decides he wants to direct the next one and if he wants me on board, I'm 100 percent there."

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