'Marvel: Avengers Alliance' Brings The Gang To Your Facebook


The "Avengers" hype train is pulling out of the station, and while production photos are slowly making their way out every week, Marvel is hoping to put the superhero vibe in your social network. If you're tired of cultivating turnips, or writing your name with corn, or whatever it is one does with "FarmVille," an "Avengers" themed game just might be the answer.

Marvel has teamed up with social game developer Playdom to release "Marvel: Avengers Alliance," a casual action/role-playing game that features "dozens" of Marvel characters.

The game takes place within an entirely new storyline, after an attack known as the Pulse has ransacked the entire galaxy. Of course, this leads to iconic villains such as Doom, Loki, The Red Skull, and Magneto attempting to take over Manhattan. Sadly, I don't think the Pulse has anything to do with Brian Michael Bendis' "The Pulse." Whatever, I'll just pretend Jessica Jones destroyed the galaxy.

Gameplay looks like fairly standard, team-based combat with role-playing leveling. You're recruited as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., assemble a team of superheroes, and fly around New York City kicking villain butt. Today's press release didn't name every character available, but Marvel did name Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk as being included in the game.

It's likely no coincidence that "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" sounds a lot like "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance," a console-based franchise last heard from in 2009. Looking over the few screenshots provided, and the game's overriding team theme, I would say the games are fairly similar. Granted, "Avengers Alliance" is a Facebook game, and will likely incorporate some way of aggravating your friends with incessant updates.

"Marvel: Avengers Alliance" is slated for a Q1 2012 release (a.k.a fairly soon). If you just can't wait, head over to the game's Facebook page.

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