'Dark Knight Rises' Star Tom Hardy Loved Going Bad For Bane


It goes without saying that Bane isn't a very nice man. Between breaking backs, crashing planes and raising fires, the mouth-muffled nemesis of "The Dark Knight Rises" is certainly a terrorizing figure to keep a close eye on.

But the same isn't true for Tom Hardy, not from the actor's perspective. Speaking with The Mirror about his role in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" conclusion, Hardy said he actually found it difficult getting into the overtly vicious mindset of Bane.

"I loved being able to play a baddie and, coming from East Sheen in South-West London, that doesn’t come easily to me," said Hardy. "I actually had to work on not being very nice. I’m genuinely a nice guy."

In joining the "Dark Knight Rises" cast, Hardy adds himself to the long list of actors who've portrayed Batman villains in the past. Becoming a part of one of the most successful genre franchises of all time is hardly a fact lost on Hardy.

"Batman is such an amazing franchise that I honestly feel overwhelmingly privileged to be a part of it," said the actor. "It’s such an amazing cast to work alongside, they are all so talented."

As for what being a part of the Batman movies is going to do to his career and lifestyle, Hardy isn't giving that much thought yet.

“I’m not even thinking about how it’s going to blow up for me after Batman," he said. "I’m just going to enjoy it and I’m still going to be buying a pint of milk by myself at the corner shop.”

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