Comic Book Movies Of 2012: 'Men In Black' Are Back!

After ten years, it's easy to forget how successful a movie was, but back in July of 2002, "Men in Black II" made a little over $440 million worldwide. Even a decade later, those numbers are hard to ignore.

Coming in at number four on our list of the most anticipated comic book movies of 2012, "Men in Black 3" reunites the team of Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith), still at it in the battle to keep Earth safe from unwanted alien visitors. Things get a little weird, however, when all traces of K disappear from MIB headquarters, and J has to travel back in time, Marty McFly-style, to save a younger K (played by Josh Brolin) from a premature demise.

The making-of story for "Men In Black 3" is the stuff of a producer's nightmares. It seemed like the film would never come out, and if it did, it would be unwatchable. Stories surfaced of filming without a finished script and budget problems, but once the trailer hit last month, the focus finally settled on the actual movie.

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From the looks of the trailer, the MIB are up to their old shenanigans, since the preview looked and felt very similar to the previous two movies. Believe it or not, it has been three years since we've seen a Will Smith vehicle, so expect big things and hopefully a new song from the Fresh Prince. And with so much of the action taking place in the past, Jones is taking a back seat to Brolin and his eerily-accurate impersonation.

The question remains if audiences are looking for more of the same with the "Men In Black" series. Ten years is a long time for any series to go without a new entry, but Will Smith has consistently shown he can dominate the box office with his big-budget vehicles. Regardless of whether people show up to see "Men In Black 3," it's definitely worth keeping an eye on, if only for Brolin's truly awesome Tommy Lee Jones impression.

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