'Dark Knight' Unused Heath Ledger Joker Footage Resurfaces


With "The Dark Knight Rises" almost upon us—and by almost I mean a criminally long seven months away—most of our attention has gone to Bane, Batman's new nemesis played by Tom Hardy. But while we're busy obsessing over Bane's strange voice and the will-he or won't-he back-breaking issue, there's one thing we can be absolutely certain about: Bruce Wayne's greatest foe, The Joker, is already behind us.

Many fans will agree that Heath Ledger's Joker, played to Oscar-winning heights by the late actor, remains the single greatest villain ever to appear in a Batman movie. Though we've seen the last of his interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime, some unused "Dark Knight" footage of Ledger as the Joker has started making the rounds again thanks to Kevin Smith's always entertaining Twitter feed.

This isn't exactly new, but hey, it's a slow week, and any chance to spend more time with Ledger's Joker is a chance we'll take. Check it out after the jump.

Thanks to Slash Film for pointing this out.

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