'Dark Knight Rises' Photos: Bane Lurks, Batman Aims

New "Dark Knight Rises" photos? Don't mind if we do!

We’ve already seen some of these images from "The Dark Knight Rises," but not this nicely. Magazine scans and blog leaks don’t account for the fine detailing on Bane’s back, nor the wide angle view on a motorcycle-riding Catwoman.

There’s one photo of Bane, looking a little grimmer (and infinitely more jacked) than the other images we've seen, clutching his arms and looking downward, like he’s about to bomb a football field or file a really firm complaint with the DMV. (One of those two.)

In another shot, the light’s fully illuminating his leather vest/harness combination, arms jutted out as he stares at the camera with some careless look. You wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley or a sex dungeon, no. 

There’s also a new photo of Batman looking mad gadgety, holding some electric glowing doohickey that looks like a giant taser, or maybe just a very impressive flashlight. We know that the Bat’s technology will escalate in "Rises" (as it did in the last film), so that’s not much of a surprise.

Less exciting is a photo of Christopher Nolan standing with an IMAX camera, perhaps to remind us of how expansive "Rises" is going to look on that big screen. 

We don’t know that much about "Rises," to be honest, so every new image or scrap of info comes like a tide. Speculate all we want, we won’t know exactly until next summer what that gadget does or how exactly pissed Bane is. Doesn’t July 2012 seem so far away?

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