'Dark Knight Rises': The Year In Review

Are you excited for "The Dark Knight Rises"? Of course you are. So are we, mainly because we barely know anything about the movie outside of the basic details: there's a Batman, there's a Bane, and there's an eight-year gap since the events of the previous film. When watching our Year in Review recap of reporting on "Rises," note how many times we tried to wrench plot details out of the film's reluctant cast.

There's Gary Oldman, pausing and laughing after being asked whether "TDKR" provides a definitive end to the series. There's Joseph Gordon-Levitt, also pausing and laughing when asked whether he's Robin — before disavowing the entire conversation. We tried to trick Marion Cotillard into revealing whether her character already exists in the comic books, but she was too clever for that. Do you know what she did? She paused and laughed.

Besides our chicanery, we also heard plenty of cast praise for Christopher Nolan. "I think everything Christopher Nolan does is just amazing," said a very buff Tom Hardy. "He's one of these amazing storytellers in our generation; he’s one of the guys," agreed Nestor Carbonell.

While his actors were tightlipped about the future, Nolan referred to it in less ambiguous terms. "I'm very much excited about finishing the trilogy and giving a conclusion to our story," he said. "That's really what we're doing."

"The Dark Knight Rises," as you know, comes out next summer. We’ll probably get some real answers then.

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