'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Commentary: Ashes Of Gotham

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer is here. You know this. The fall of Gotham City is inching ever closer with every muttered line of dialogue Bane spits out, every necklace Catwoman steals, and every football stadium that collapses.

Watch our "Dark Knight Rises" trailer commentary!

There's a lot to unpack in the theatrical "Rises" trailer. To that end, Kevin P. Sullivan and I did our best to cover the greatest details in our "Dark Knight Rises" trailer commentary, which you can watch in the video above. But not all of our observations made it into the video, so keep on reading for a little bit more of what we noticed in the latest trailer.

» First thought: that kid singing the Star-Spangled Banner is the coolest boy soprano in the universe. In ten years, he'll look back on this "Dark Knight Rises" trailer with a mixture of pride (and maybe some embarrassment) for being the first person featured in what's quite possibly the coolest comic book movie trailer of all time. Happy holidays, son.

» I missed this on first glance, but Kevin Sullivan pointed out to me later that Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle can be seen wearing the same pearl necklace that Thomas Wayne gave to his wife, Martha, shortly before their tragic murder. Is Selina wearing the exact same necklace, or a replica? If it is the same necklace, is that a gift given to her by Bruce or, as is more likely, a gift stolen for herself? Nice to see a little bit of thievery on Selina's part, even if it's a very subtle moment.

» Another thing I missed on my first look, but noticed thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at Empire Magazine: during the football scene, you can see fans holding up signs in support of the Gotham Rogues, and the "R" in "Rogues" is fashioned after the DC Comics "Robin" logo. An intentional Easter Egg that adds credence to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt-is-Robin rumors, or just a clever fan's work sneaking in under the radar? You tell us!

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