'Avengers' Photos Show Iron Man, Captain America And Thor In Combat

Iron Man

This “Avengers" movie is really happening, you guys. There’s no maybes or ifs to consider, no developmental hell or botched contracts to sort out amongst studio executives. After more than three years in the making, next summer’s film approaches with the speed and subtlety of a breakaway train.

If you need to be reminded, look to these newly released photo stills showcasing the action and reminding us of what we’re in for. There’s Thor and Captain America, looking ready to fight; there’s Iron Man, once again zooming through a city skyline. Excited yet?

If you need more hype, watch the German trailer or one of our interviews with the movie’s stars. It’ll be really interesting to see which summer superhero blockbuster will top box offices -- “Avengers" or “Dark Knight Rises." They’re coming out within a few months of each other, and they’re both totally different takes on the genre, one a maximalist CGI blowout, the other gritty and understated (Batwings and potential earthquake devices aside).

Captain America

Which one will fans like more? Which one will audiences like more? Will Chris Hemsworth’s beard survive the film? Will Christian Bale’s growly voice endure? Oh, there are so many seemingly inconsequential questions to ask, and more to come as we approach the summer. That’s the sign of an exciting movie season.

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