Catwoman Theme Will Be 'Extraordinary,' Hans Zimmer Says

We just can't stop talking about "The Dark Knight Rises." After a sneak peek at the prologue and then the trailer, the excitement is almost too much. And the "Rises"-related news just keeps on coming, as we have more from our recent interview with Hans Zimmer to share. In addition to his request for more aggressive chanting from fans on the film's score, Zimmer touched on plans for Selina Kyle/Catwoman, how to further involve fans in next year's premiere, and why Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is really and truly the "end of our journey."

"She will have [a theme], she hasn't yet," Zimmer said of his plans for Catwoman's theme in the score. "That's got something to do with I haven't written it. Of course I'm working on that. Right now my dilemma is I have far too many ideas and it will take me some time to actually execute them and put them in some sort of order."

Zimmer went on to say that he hopes to keep incorporating fans throughout his scoring process by way of a few "wacky" ideas.

"For 'Inception,' we had this idea for the premiere that we would do a live show and broadcast it over the Internet. We make these movies for us and for the audience, we love working on these movies, but it's for the audience that we do it and then the premiere is this closed-off, guarded thing and you don't allow your audience in," he said. "So it seemed like a good idea to do something where we could go to people's living rooms in a way. I don't know, we might come up with something, we might go and push those boundaries a little bit further [for 'Dark Knight Rises']. I have some wacky ideas floating around right now."

"The other thing that I want people to be very clear about, this is the end of our journey on this one," Zimmer continued, echoing prior sentiments we've heard from Nolan and star Christian Bale about how this is their last Batman movie. "There has to be a way of doing justice to the first two and at the same time truly doing some extraordinary that goes way beyond what the first two did. We do want to go and figure out how to end this in an extraordinary way."

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