Eva Green In Talks To Play Goddess Artemisia In '300' Prequel

Eva Green

"300: Battle of Artemisia" -- or "300: The Battle of Artemisium" for some -- is finally close to finding its leading lady.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that "Casino Royale" starlet Eva Green has entered into negotiations to play the titular goddess. Last we heard, Artemisia is the central character of the "300" prequel and was the main role director Noam Murro was looking to cast. She is the character who will pull the strings of the story, including manipulating Xerxes (rumored to be played by Rodrigo Santoro) and Themosticles.

The THR story doesn't mention Santoro's name as involved with the project, but it seems virtually necessary that Santoro reprise his role as Xerxes in the film if there is any hope to establish a continuity between this prequel and "300." So, bottom line, we aren't writing him off just yet.

As for other characters, there is still the role of Themistocles to fill. Joel Edgerton had originally been in negotiations for the part, but then in November opted out of it. The film reportedly parallels "300," so there's even a chance one of that movie's stars like Gerard Butler could make a cameo appearance.

"300: Battle of Artemisia" is still a working title for the flick and likely will start production next year.

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