See First 'Spider-Man' Movie's Unused Green Goblin Design

Green Goblin

Depending on how you feel about remakes on top of remakes, “The Amazing Spider-Man," while looking promising, might be wholly unnecessary. Those Sam Raimi “Spider-Man" films were pretty good, weren’t they? But in less than a year, they’ll be left to the annals of history, or perhaps Netflix. “Amazing" sequels will follow, and the only memory we’ll have of Tobey Maguire’s goofy grin will be in our cumbersome DVD collections.

Today, you can relive the good times by watching the first film’s screen test for the Green Goblin, in which an unnamed actor wears a very different mask, along with the traditional purple cap. His ears are long, his eyes are yellow, his teeth are quite real -- he resembles the Goblin of the comic books, or at least, some kind of Orc-ish derivative.

As Raimi gives direction off-screen, the Goblin snarls and sneers and looks generally grumpy. It would’ve been quite a different take on the classic villain, as the finished film eventually went with a more mechanized, sterile look.

The Goblin will not appear in the new film; instead, Peter Parker will face off against the Lizard. But where Spider-Man swings, Norman Osbourn and his super cool haircut can’t be far behind. Regardless of how he appears in “Amazing," it’s impossible to imagine a Spidey mythos where he doesn’t eventually take to a glider. For now, we can sit back and remember the way things almost were.

Head to Superhero Hype to see the screen test.

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