'Dark Knight Rises' Prologue: What Did You Think?

After months of anticipation, the prologue for "The Dark Knight Rises" finally premiered in front of "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." We now know how the first six minutes of the final movie will play out and we have seen Bane in action.

So, what did you think? Did Tom Hardy as Bane live up to your expectations? Did you understand anything he said? How could it possibly compare to the classic prologue from "The Dark Knight"?

We interviewed fans after a sneak preview of the prologue on Tuesday (December 16), and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Though there was some agreement that Bane's voice was difficult to understand, almost everyone said they weren't worried for the final film.

For me personally, the prologue did not disappoint in any regard. The sequence showed that Christopher Nolan understands the expectations and inevitable comparisons to his second Batman movie and its villain. What he does here is choose to take a different route. Bane is a man of action, physical and calculated. Where the Joker manipulates his own men into killing each other, Bane takes matter into his own hands and puts himself on the front lines.

The star of the prologue, however, is the IMAX format. Nolan chose the right weapon to fight in support of movie theaters. The images are literally larger than life and pure exhilarating fun. You wouldn't believe the sequence's stunts if it wasn't so obvious that there is no trickery, just fantastic movie making.

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