'Amazing Spider-Man' Website Launches With Plot, Character And Sequel Details


Building the buzz towards next year’s release, an official website promoting “The Amazing Spider-Man" launched today, crammed full of photos and production details. There’s a general overlay of the story (including the hint, “the first in a series of movies," as if there was any doubt), a list of the characters (did you know Spider-Man is in this one?), cast details, and more. Get some of the key details after the jump!

The movie seems to be centering around some mystery at the heart of the Parker mythos, related to Peter’s father’s relationship with Norman Osborn. I’m guessing it has something to do with his spider powers, but who knows -- they’re probably going in a way different direction in order to make everyone forget that the same movie basically came out nine years ago. I mean, they’re using Emma Stone (who was chomping at the bit for the role), but not as a redhead. What says “This ain’t your older brother’s Spider-Man" more than that?

Old-timers remember when the first “Spider-Man" film came out in an era where there was no such thing as viral marketing or a web campaign. Yes, 2002 was a wild time, and I’m not sure how anyone survived it. But fortunately, things are better today; above all, things are Web 2.0. You can head over to the site and check out the details for yourself, or you can hold back onto the surprises until “The Amazing Spider-Man" drops in July.

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