'Thor' Star Natalie Portman Reportedly Upset Over Patty Jenkins' Departure


If you're worried about "Thor 2" following the abrupt departure of director Patty Jenkins, you're not alone. The "Monster" director left the Marvel Studios project rather suddenly after many people involved with the project — including former director Kenneth Branagh and still-on-board actor Tom Hiddleston — sang the filmmaker's praises, leaving many onlookers to wonder exactly what went wrong.

According to a new report in The Hollywood Reporter, fans aren't the only ones left scratching their heads. THR reports that the "Thor" franchise's lead actress, Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, is "deeply upset" about losing Jenkins because she was partially responsible for bringing Jenkins on board in the first place.

THR states that Jenkins, who was previously mentioned as leaving "Thor 2" on amicable terms, was in actuality "fired without warning" from the Marvel sequel. There are divergent reports according to THR's anonymous (see: unverified) sources, with some stating that "Jenkins was not moving decisively enough," and others saying that "Jenkins was so explicit about her vision for the film" that Marvel eventually grew uncomfortable with her take on the "Thor" mythos.

At the root of the problem, allegedly, is that Portman herself brought Jenkins into the Marvel fold. THR reports that the "Black Swan" winner was considering severing her ties from Hollywood for a time to focus on her newborn son, but helped bring Jenkins to "Thor" and was "proud that she would have played a role in opening the door for a woman to direct a [comic book] film."

With Jenkins out, Portman is still contractually obligated to appear in "Thor 2," states THR, and Marvel is reportedly "working overtime to smooth over the situation by including [Portman] in discussions about whom to hire as a replacement."

All rumors at the moment, of course, but the very existence of these rumors is sure to hang a bit of a cloud over Marvel's return to Asgard. No need to panic just yet, but still, not the most uplifting report of all time. We'll keep you posted as we hear more.

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