'Incredibles 2' Isn't 'Impossible,' According To Brad Bird

With the impending release of “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," director Brad Bird has a lot on his hands. Promoting this, talking that, indulging us in our video interviews. There's a lot to handle! We’re not doing Bird any favors by distracting him from the really important things -- like the possibility of a sequel to “The Incredibles," Pixar's beloved superhero movie that dropped back in 2004, so very long ago.

A sequel has been in the vaguest pre-pre-production for years, but Bird insists he doesn’t have any greater idea. Pressed by MTV News whether he’s got a script, or a page, or just some sketches, he responded, "It’s all of the above. I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet. I have a lot of ideas I had originally intended to be in the first movie, but you have to start throwing things out of the balloon to get it up in the air."

The legacy of his first film is enough to coast on, which is why he’s not rushing any time soon. But the potential is still on his brain, regardless of the official progress.

“I love those characters, and if I could make one that was to ‘Incredibles’ what the ‘Toy Story’ sequels were to ‘Toy Story,’ I’d do it," he said. Given the number of superhero movies crowding the market, it might be a while. “It doesn’t encourage, as if what the world needs is another superhero sequel. That would never be the reason to do it anyways -- it would be the story."

Still, working on “Incredibles" opened Bird to a ton of new opportunities -- including his work on “Mission Impossible."

“One of the interesting reactions to ‘Incredibles’ was that even though it was a superhero film, people got a sort of spy vibe from it," he said. “So people could tell that I liked spy films, and this was a great chance to do one."

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