New 'Ghost Rider' Poster: Nic Cage's Hell On Wheels

Ghost Rider

Imagine you’re Nic Cage. You act in 17 movies a year, ranging from Oscar contenders to whatever “Drive Angry” was. [Editor's Note: "Drive Angry" was a masterpiece. -JW] Every movie you do gets a layer of ironic scrutiny from a peanut gallery of would-be pundits and satirists -- because you’re in movies like “Drive Angry,” don’t forget. [Editor's Note: Don't forget that it's awesome, is what I think he means. -JW]

You’re sick of all the doubting. The poster for “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” has to be cool -- like, really, really cool. Do you play it safe? A trace of a skull against a black background? A motorcycle covered in flame underneath a spotlight? What do you do?

Today, a new poster for “Spirit of Vengeance” shows the complete visual reimagination of Ghost Rider, looking sleek and gritty as he rips over some really hot asphalt. Check it out in full after the jump!

Ghost Rider

The new poster is similar to artist Clayton Crain’s interpretation, from his 2006 mini-series with Garth Ennis. There’s a fine line between brooding and colorful -- this Ghost Rider, with his fire urine and his PG-16 quasi-family friendliness, may qualify.

The original “Ghost Rider” came out in 2007 -- it might as well have been ancient Greece, for how far we’ve come since then. There was no Twitter in 2007, no Obama, no Justin Bieber. The problem for the makers of “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” is that audiences might not remember the sordid saga of Johnny Blaze, the way Nic Cage vamped it up in his leather jacket. But devoid of sequel expectations, the filmmakers can do anything they wanted.

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