'Amazing Spider-Man' Game's Full-Length Trailer Premieres


Last week, we showed you the teaser trailer for Activision and Beenox's upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" game. As is custom among teasers, the video didn't reveal a whole lot, but Saturday night during the Spike Video Game Awards, a full-length trailer for the movie tie-in game premiered. There's robots, Oscorp, and of course a web-slinging Spidey, so be sure to check the trailer out below.

While VGAs are primarily focused on honoring the best videogames for this year, they're also a showcase for premiering new games that will release in 2012 and beyond. Among the slate of announcement trailers – including the "I Am Legend"-esque "The Last of Us" – was the full length trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Unfortunately, the trailer isn't exactly a bevy of information. Robots are being manufactured in Green Goblin's Oscorp facility, which – huge surprise – rise up and attack the unwitting citizens of New York City. Luckily, Spider-Man swoops in to take out the electric-ball-shooting robots just in time. This leads to a larger – as in skyscraper large – robot burrowing out of the ground.

The game looks decent, visually, and the bits of web-swinging through buildings look enjoyable, but I have some minor concerns over the action taking place during that boss fight. Now, I haven't seen "Amazing Spider-Man" in person, so I can't completely verify this, but the action looks an awful lot like scripted, quick-time-event gameplay. I hope I'm wrong here, but it would be really unfortunate if the game falls on the "press button to pull out robot brain" crutch.

The game's out summer 2012, but in the meantime, be sure to read our story on Warner Bros. Montreal's new approach to licensed comic book titles.

What did you think of the "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!