'Batman: Arkham City' Wins Four VGAs, Sequel Rumors Abound


Saturday night, industry luminaries gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the best that videogames had to offer for 2011. Whether you love or loathe the somewhat campy Spike Video Game Awards, the show does provide a chance to honor some of the year's best titles, as well as revealing new games via world premiere trailers.

"Batman: Arkham City" held its own within the crowd of nominees, taking home four awards across multiple categories.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive received awards for Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Xbox 360 Game, Character of the Year (Joker), and Best Adapted Game. The Character of the Year award was well-deserved, considering Mark Hamill's amazing performance, but the Best Xbox 360 Game award was a bit odd. "Arkham City" isn't exclusive to Microsoft's console, and considering there are a number of Xbox-exclusive titles – well, whatever.

The internet has gone aflutter since a CG Joker accepted his award, as the Clown Prince held up a book with the words "Batman: Arkham World" written across the front. Joker then subsequently threw the script into the trash. While there are plenty of sites wondering if this is a "teaser," I highly doubt it. Rocksteady will undoubtedly make a third "Arkham" game, but it won't be called "Arkham World" -- because that name is dumb.

Only "Portal 2," Valve's action-puzzler, snagged more honors than "Batman: Arkham City." Valve was awarded Best PC Game, Best Multiplayer, Best DLC, and two Best Performance trophies for Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain who played Wheatley and GLaDOS, respectively.

The biggest shocker of the night – note my sarcasm – had "Skyrim" accepting the Game of the Year honor. There were approximately zero people attending the show, or watching from home, surprised by this announcement. "Skyrim" was also awarded Best Role-Playing Game, and its developer, Bethesda, received an award for Studio of the Year.

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