'Men In Black 3' Trailer: Will Smith Takes Time

Men in Black

"Men in Black 3" rolled out a headache-inducing poster late last month, not exactly the most encouraging sign based on some of the troubling reports already floating about the long awaited sci-fi sequel. But the new trailer that just dropped today suggests that the MIB agency is back and, quite possibly, better than ever.

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When the trailer kicks off, everything is perfectly normal—for a "Men in Black" movie, that is. Agents J and K, played by the incredible on-screen duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, are back in business as they bust up a renegade alien hanging out as graffiti art on the streets of New York. But things take a more interesting turn when Agent K hints at there being greater secrets at the center of the universe than even J has been made aware of.

"There are things out there you don't need to know," K cryptically warns him. "I promised you the secrets of the universe… and nothing more."

Apparently that "nothing more" is something that holds extreme weight for Agent K. Shortly after learning about the existence of K's secrets, J is notified that "Agent K died 40 years ago"—a fact that goes against our own previous "Men in Black" viewing experiences. With his partner "dead," J does the only sensible thing a loyal partner can do: go back in time and save his buddy.

Just so happens that his buddy is now played by Josh Brolin, who does a perfect (albeit brief) Tommy Lee Jones impression.

Thanks to Screen Rant for the heads up.

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