First 'Amazing Spider-Man' Poster Is A Shadowy, Leggy Tease

Had enough superhero movie-related news for the week yet? No? Good, because we've got one more for you before we head into the weekend. It looks like the folks over at Superhero Hype have gotten their hands on the first poster for Sony's upcoming, anticipated blockbuster, "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Contrary to the first teaser poster, which was unveiled over the summer at San Diego Comic-Con, this one features a full-length Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) perched on or descending down a stone wall. The strategic and sparse lighting is such that where Parker's two hands and feet are making contact with the wall, they cast long dark shadows beneath them, which form the perfect outline of a spider. It is super cool and only slightly creepy, which is a creative success for Sony in my mind. Curiously enough there is no titling on the poster, just the tagline "The Untold Story" at the bottom along with the July 3, 2012 release date.

If we're going to do a bit of over-analysis here, which we love to do here at Splash Page, I'd like to point out how the dark, somber colors in the poster are a perfect choice for all of those conflicting feelings Parker always seems to carry around with him: Self doubt, guilt, that whole "With great power comes great responsibility" thing, etc. What do you think?

Until we meet again, I leave you with Rhys Ifans' awesome demo of his lizard voice:

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