Best Superhero Of 2011: Cast Your Vote!

With "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Avengers," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and more on the horizon in 2012, it can be easy to forget about the fantastic comic book movies that already passed this year. No doubt about it, 2011 brought some of our all-time favorite superheroes to the big screen for the very first time.

We have our favorites, of course, but the question is, who was your favorite superhero of 2011? Click past the jump to see our candidates and make your voice heard!

Captain America

It's never easy bringing a superhero to the big screen, but Cap posed an unusual problem even by comic book movie standards: how do you sell the star-spangled super-soldier to an international audience? In the end, it wasn't so tricky, as the relatable story of scrawny weakling turned perfect human specimen Steve Rogers landed fantastically with audiences across the world, thanks largely to Chris Evans' faithful interpretation of the beloved icon.

Green Hornet

The words "superhero" and "Seth Rogen" don't go together quite as naturally as peanut butter and jelly, but Michel Gondry's hilarious "Green Hornet" adaptation proved that there's plenty of room for comedy in the comic book movie genre. Rogen's Britt Reid wasn't the biggest ass-kicker of the year, no, but his frequently bumbling quest to clean the crime-ridden LA streets and avenge his father's death in the process was one of the more refreshing takes on the "superhero movie" we've seen in quite some time.

Green Lantern

There was zero pressure involved in bringing "Green Lantern" to life. Come on, making a movie about a cocky American fighter pilot who finds himself recruited by an interstellar police force that keeps the entire universe protected from the forces of evil? Piece of cake! Kidding aside, "Green Lantern" was not an easy nut to crack, but Ryan Reynolds carried the weight of Hal's space-bound and earthly burdens like a true pro.


Is Erik Lensherr a hero or a villain? The question remains up in the air by the end of "X-Men: First Class." But here's something that's not debatable: as Magneto, Michael Fassbender turned in one of the finest comic book movie performances of the entire year. The budding master of magnetism's transformation from Nazi-hunter to mutant mentor and, eventually, mutant supremacist remains one of the most fascinating character arcs in superhero movie history.


Just as Robert Downey Jr. owns Tony Stark, so too does Chris Hemsworth own Thor. Many were skeptical when Marvel announced that a bit player from "Star Trek" was their choice for the God of Thunder, but these days, we all know that there is only one actor worthy of wielding the mighty Mjolnir, and that actor is Hemsworth. "Thor" was already an electric thrill ride, and we can only imagine what Hemsworth has in store for us in "The Avengers."

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