'Ultimate Spider-Man' Cartoon 'Really True' To Comics, Says Drake Bell

In 2012, Nick star and musician Drake Bell will voice Peter Parker on the Disney XD animated series, “Ultimate Spider-Man.” With a whole slew of eps set to air next year, Drake recently stopped by MTV News HQ to rave about suiting up as Spidey for the small screen.

“It’s awesome. The animation is unbelievable. It’s 2-D but it’s the coolest 2-D animation you’ve ever seen," he told MTV News. "It's going to be really true [to the comics]."

Bell is referring to the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic books penned by Brian Michael Bendis, who is also lending his expertise to the series. Drake said that the cartoon’s focus will be very much based in the origins of the Peter Parker as he creates his Spider-Man persona.

“There’s tons of different [versions of Spider-Man]. He’s in high school,” he said. “He doesn’t have, the webs don’t come out of his arms. He’s a science nerd, so he figured out how to make sticky web substance and they’re called web shooters. So it’s more like the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' comic book than the Tobey Maguire [movie] or the new 'Amazing Spider-Man' or anything like that."

Given the fact that he's gotten to play an animated version of a comic book character, Drake, who previously starred in the superhero comedy “Superhero Movie,” would love the chance to get serious and suit up in a big screen live-action comic book flick.

“I love comic books. I love superheroes,” he said. “I did ‘Superhero Movie’ years ago... it’s fun. I would love to do that again in a serious role that was all slap stick comedy.”

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