'Dark Knight Rises' Viral Campaign Heats Up

Dark Knight Rises

The viral marketing campaign for “The Dark Knight” was fantastic -- pixel-by-pixel revelation of the Joker’s face, a Comic-Con scavenger hunt, websites supporting Harvey Dent’s run for district attorney, and more. Taking place over a year and a half leading up to the film’s 2008 release, the "Dark Knight" viral component helped build an unstoppable head of steam, no doubt part of why the movie grossed as much money as it did.

"The Dark Knight Rises" doesn’t really need that much work -- everyone is pretty much permanently stoked, and will remain so until next summer. (That could change if we find out Bruce really went crazy when his parents died, and everything we’ve seen has been an insane asylum fever dream. Let’s hope not!) But there’s a neat little marketing campaign going on for this one too, sparked today by a mysterious CIA Bulletin posted by Wired.

The image provides information on Dr. Leonid Pavel, a Russian nuclear scientist gone missing. There’s also some communication between two unidentified parties -- one a militia, the other a CIA Station Chief. They discuss a possible random fee for Pavel before the paper cuts off.

Production photos and the usual blog speculation have shown us that Bane, the movie’s villain, is working on some kind of bomb threat to trouble Gotham. Could his intentions head nuclear? Batman’s faced worse, so we’ll have to trust he’ll figure something out. With this being director Christopher Nolan’s last movie (or so we’re told), he could do worse for a big shock than literally blowing everything to pieces. We’ll see if anything else comes out of this nascent story.

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