'Captain America' And More: Top 5 Comic Book Movie Gadgets Of 2011

Sometimes a superhero isn't lucky enough to have superpowers, but hey, it never stopped Batman. Even those fortunate enough to have a few tricks up their mythical alloy sleeves can use the help of a great gadget once in a while.

This year's comic books movies were filled with amazing gadgets, doohickeys and thingamabobs that gave their respective superheroes or villains the extra boost they needed. Here's a look at the top five comic book movie gadgets from 2011.

5. Jake's Gauntlet in "Cowboys & Aliens"

Say what you will about the movie as a whole, but the killer gauntlet Daniel Craig wears throughout the film is a force to be reckoned with. As the key to destroying the alien invaders, the gauntlet packs a futuristic punch and remains one of the highlights of the movie.

4. The Black Beauty in "The Green Hornet"

What is a crime fighter without an appropriate ride to go with? Equipped with a martial arts master of a driver, the Black Beauty was more than met the eye. It has enough machine guns to take down any super mafia that might try to take over L.A. and the style to keep it sophisticated.

3. The Ring in "Green Lantern"

You know when the answer to the question "Hey, what does that thing do?" is literally "Everything" that you're dealing with some serious gadgetry. All it takes for Hal Jordan to conjure what he chooses from the ring is a little will power. It's versatile, infinitely powerful and runs on rechargeable batteries. That's not just a good gadget. That's environmentally conscious.

2. The Cosmic Cube in "Captain America: The First Avenger"

Although not technically a gadget, the Cosmic Cube can be used in addition to a large weapon or machine to make it one of the most powerful items in movies this year. Whether you need to power a ray gun or simply take over the planet, the Cosmic Cube is one of the most formidable items in the Marvel Universe.

1. Sebastian Shaw's Magneto's Helmet in "X-Men: First Class"

When you keep company with telepaths, it's important to be able to keep some thoughts to yourself. Sebastian Shaw knew that, but unfortunately for him, the helmet didn't come with a chin strap. The helmet transfer remains one of the most memorable scenes in all of film this year.

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