Bradley Cooper Explains His 'Crow' Reboot Departure

Bradley Cooper wasn’t an obvious pick to play the Crow. His acting resume hasn’t put him in the types of darker, goth-styled films that would suggest he’d be ready to slather his face in black paint and brooding scowls. But the same could’ve been said about a pre-"Dark Knight" Heath Ledger, so maybe the concept art we saw would’ve worked out.

As Cooper’s dropped out of the "Crow" remake, we’ll never know how it could’ve gone. Over at Empire, he talks about how things fell apart.

“There weren’t even that many ups and downs,” he says. “We were talking about doing it because of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo -- I’m such a massive fan -- and then the timing didn’t work out. He just dropped out of it also so I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

Fresnadillo, if you’ll remember, is the director behind "28 Weeks Later," which would’ve made him a nice choice for the broad horror a "Crow" remake could’ve invoked. With Cooper’s drop out putting the film in some development hell, Fresnadillo chose to lash his horses to the "Highlander" remake -- a lateral move, in terms of revered nerd properties.

Cooper’s instead focusing on the "Paradise Lost" remake, which hey, sure. He can trade criticism from Internet message boards for criticism from tenured English professors, if he’s that type of masochist. In another interview with Empire, he talks about how he’ll be moving to Australia for three months, and how the film is mostly motion capture. We can’t wait to see how many explosions they add to Milton’s classic.

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