Top 5 Comic Book Movie Deaths Of 2011

Comic book movie heroes and villains don't always make it out of their films alive. The baddies have a long tradition of biting the bullet by movie's end, but even some of the good guys are likely to go out in glorious fashion. The comic book flicks of 2011 provided more than a few awesome death scenes, but five of them stand above the rest in our eyes.

Here are the Splash Page team's picks for best comic book movie deaths in 2011 — needless to say, spoilers ahead!

5. Darwin ("X-Men: First Class")

Despite the fact that his mutant power allows him to physically adapt to any situation or condition, Darwin couldn't out-evolve Sebastian Shaw. After trying to double-cross Shaw to save his friends, Darwin found himself on the business end of the mutant supremacist's energy-absorbing powers, dissolving into virtual nothingness. Of course, this might not be the last we ever see of Darwin—knowing his arc in the comics, the door is definitely open for a comeback. But if Darwin is truly dead, he had one heck of an exit.

4. Parallax ("Green Lantern")

Even if "Green Lantern" wasn't the perfect adaptation we were hoping for, credit where credit's due: the way Hal Jordan manages to obliterate Parallax is totally frickin' awesome! The first human member of the Green Lantern Corps baits the fear-mongering energy mass away from Earth's orbit and directly into the gravitational pull of the sun. That's right: Hal destroys Parallax with the sun. Beat that, Batman.

3. Danny "Crystal" Clear ("The Green Hornet")

The award for best comic book movie cameo of the year doesn't go to Stan Lee this time around, but to James Franco, who claimed the honor with his hilariously brief scene in "Green Hornet" as drug kingpin Danny "Crystal" Clear. He figures out the hard way that even though Chudnofsky is an awful name, it's not a name you should ever, ever mess with.

2. The Frost Giants ("Thor")

Seriously, how many frost giant deaths are we allowed to lump onto this list? The battle between Thor's Asgardian allies and their foes on Jotunheim is one of the greatest action scenes of the year, rife with death of godly proportions. But it's Loki's unexpected murder of Laufey that stands out as our favorite—a shocking exit for a fantastic character.

1. Sebastian Shaw ("X-Men: First Class")

Already on this list for killing off Darwin, Sebastian gets the top honor because of his own demise. Shaw's death perfectly captured Magneto's years of pent up rage and Xavier's own psychic suffering as that cursed coin finally reached its bloody destination so many decades and bodies later. It's a fantastic sequence that stands out as one of the best comic book movie scenes of the year, perhaps of all time.

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